Chloé Guilbaud

Chloé Guilbaud

Academic Visitor

I am a third year Chemistry student in the French University Paris Sud 11, Orsay. After finishing my second year of Biology and Chemistry I did an internship in the Physical-Chemistry Laboratory (LCP) of Orsay University Paris¬Sud in the Theory and Simulation (TheoSim) group. In june 2014 I joined the Nicole Grobert group, ‘Nanomaterials by Design’, for a three month internship to work on the synthesis of monolayer MoS2 on gold.


The project focuses on the synthesis of an inorganic film composed of monolayer MoS2 on gold by immersion of gold in a MoS2 precursor solution, followed by an annealing treatment in a reductive environment. Single layer MoS2 is a direct gap semiconductor of interest for nanoelectronic applications. A range of characterisation techniques will be used to investigate the structure and properties of the synthesized material.