Dr Zabeada Aslam

ERC Post-doctoral Research Fellow

MPhys (Physics with Astrophysics) and MSc (Nanoscale Science and Technology) University of Leeds

I graduated with MPhys Physics with Astrophysics in 2001 and MSc Nanoscale Science and Technology in 2002 from the University of Leeds. In 2006, I completed my PhD on ‘Carbon Nanotubes Produced by the Catalytic-CVD Method’. This involved the production and analysis of the CNTs and the iron catalyst using the TEM, EELS, SEM, Gas Adsorption, XRD and the SuperSTEM at Daresbury Laboratories, to understand the CNT growth mechanisms. As part of CNT investigations, I carried out in-situ measurements using the Nanofactory STM-tip holder designed for a conventional TEM as well as the use of an environmental TEM chamber.

I have since worked as a Research Fellow on the IMPRESS Project investigating the Solidification of Intermetallic Materials for Advanced Catalysts. The project was supported by the European Commission under its Framework VI (Integrated Project) Initiative to develop novel, spray formed, Intermetallic Materials for use as advanced catalysts in hydrogen fuel cells and in industrial processes. The project involved undertaking solidification experiments for containerless processing to optimise the microstructure of Rayney-Ni as a function of composition, droplet size and cooling rate. The atomisation process was studied further by constructing a small scale atomiser for analogue systems in which novel nozzle geometries can be rapidly prototyped. Performance of the model atomiser was then compared with high speed video analysis of a full size atomiser at CERAM Research at Stoke-on-Trent, with promising nozzle designs ultimately being incorporated onto the full size atomiser.

I am currently working on the investigating the mechanical and electrical properties of B or N-doped MWCNTs using the Nanofactory in-situ STM-holder. The project is funded by the EU STREP BNC-Tubes.