Dr Ashna Bajpai

I work in the field of experimental condensed matter physics and my core area of research is magnetism and electron transport in strongly correlated electronic systems. I obtained my doctoral degree from UGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific Research in Indore, India. My doctoral project was associated with identification of unconventional magnetic phases such as spin glasses and superparamagnets using the technique of linear and non linear ac magnetic susceptibility.

Subsequently, I worked at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai India, where I explored the magnetic and transport properties of some binary oxides of chromium, such as CrO2 and Cr2O3. The primary focus has been to investigate these materials for their potential spintronic/magnetoresistive properties, since CrO2 is a half metallic ferromagnet and Cr2O3 is a room temperature magnetoelectric. Later, I moved to the Liebniz Institute for Solid State Physics in Dresden, Germany, where I worked as a Marie Curie (IIF) fellow and continued my research on the chrome oxides. In Dresden, I also worked on the filling of these technologically important oxides in carbon nanotubes. This oxide filling has been characterized through analytical transmission electron microscopy.

Currently, I am investigating the magnetic properties of carbon nanotubes filled with transition metals such as Fe, Co or Ni. These metal filled tubes are synthesized by pyrolysis of metellocene and we intend to systematically study the effect of variations in synthesis parameters on the bulk magnetic properties of these filled carbon nanotubes.