Jude Britton

Jude Britton

DTA Studentship, St Cross College

BSc University of Leicester (Hons)

Short biography

I received my Bachelor of Science in Chemistry with First Class Honours from the University of Leicester. My final year research project involved the synthesis and characterisation of gold and zinc oxide nanoparticles, focussing on reaction mechanisms, stabilisation studies and resulting morphologies of any nanostructures formed. My research also involved the use of ionic liquids as a solvent medium for the nanoparticles. At Leicester I organised and worked closely with outreach projects, both teaching and demonstrating to A-Level students. At Oxford, I am a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Ambassador and volunteer for multiple outreach programmes.


  • Best Junior Speaker, The Rank Prize Funds: Awarded at the Symposium of 2D Materials for Optoelectronics, Plasmonics and Photonics.
  • Outstanding Outreach Contribution: Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division, University of Oxford
  • Dunlop Polymer Engineering Division Prize: Chemistry Department, University of Leicester.


A Graphene Surface Force Balance

Characterising Single-Layer Graphene, Stacks and Aggregates: My DPhil project focuses on the synthesis of graphene for surface force measurements and high-resolution structural characterisation. The project is hence focussed into two main areas; characterisation of graphene synthesised by chemical vapour deposition (CVD) using high resolution transmission electron microscopy (HRTEM), and the synthesis and transfer of CVD graphene for novel surface force measurements. Aims are to acutely define graphene quality using HRTEM and create the first graphene surface force balance. The results will not only be beneficial for graphene research but will also contribute to other areas of the 2D nanomaterial community such as chalcogenides and hexagonal boron nitride (hBN).


[1] "Thoughts on an education"

[2] "Probing the Bonding in Nitrogen-Doped Graphene Using Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy"

[3] "In situ engineering of NanoBud geometries"

[4] "WS2 2D nanosheets in 3D nanoflowers"

[5] "A Graphene Surface Force Balance"