Teodor-Matei Cirstea

Teodor-Matei Cristea

St Cross College

MEng Materials Science - University of Oxford, UK

Short Bio

I received a MEng in Materials Science from the University of Oxford, UK. My masters‘ dissertation entitled “Creation of Spiral-Shaped Carbon Nanotubes” investigated the possible upscaling of novel nanomaterials. In 2008 I worked for three months at Bayer Material Science on the rheology of Polycarbonate/CNT composites after which I presented my work at the 67th subcommittee meeting of the Structure and Properties of Commercial Polymers division from the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC). In 2009, I worked for three months at the Tokyo Institute of Technology on the electrospinning of PEO/CNTCNT nanofibres.


Electrospinning of Polymer Composite Fabrics with 1-D Organic and Inorganic Nanostructures as Substrates for Tissue Engineering

My D.Phil project aims to develop electrospun collagen/carbon nanotube scaffolds for the growth of human neuronal networks based on the NT2.D2 cell line. In collaboration with Dr. Cathy Ye's group at the Institute of BioMedical Engineering we will investigate the cell response to the composites. The influence of different kinds of CNTs on the morphology of the scaffolds and their properties will be studied. This represents a new way of looking at a biological problem with materials approaches.