Laura Miranda

Dr Laura Miranda

Research Fellow Master and Ph.D. (University Complutense of Madrid, Spain)

Short Bio

I graduated in Chemistry from the University Complutense of Madrid (Spain). In 2010, I completed my DPhil under the supervision of Prof. José M. González-Calbet and Prof. Marina Parras at the same University. My thesis research, entitled “Hexagonal Perovskites: A fascinating quarry of functional oxides”, involved the synthesis and characterization of novel complex oxides based in the hexagonal perovskite BaMnO3. Electron microscopy (TEM, HREM), diffraction (XRD, ND) and spectroscopic techniques were the main tools for the structural characterization. The electrical study was performed by means of Impedance Spectroscopy (IS); during my investigations, I spent several months at the Ceramics and Composites laboratory in The University of Sheffield working with Prof. Derek Sinclair and that gave me a solid background on electrical properties, especially impedance spectroscopy. From 2010 to 2012 I joined the group of Prof. Clément Sanchez (LCMCP) in the College de France, Paris (France) as postdoctoral researcher. The topic of the project was “Complex Oxides Mesostructures thin films for catalysis, sensors, device memories and dielectric materials”. The work was based in the development of new methods for the processing of mesoporous thin films of complex oxides. I worked with several approaches, synthesis of nanoparticles later used as nano-building blocks, sol-gel and self-assembly processes, soft templates (polymer templates) and hard templates. I am a member of the Spanish Royal Chemistry Academy Society, of the Spanish Electronic Microscopy Society and of the European Electronic Microscopy Society.

I am currently focused in the use of aligned carbon nanotubes (ACNTs) as highly developed hard templates for the synthesis and design of more sophisticated hybrid materials. The objective is, combining sol-gel technology with aerosol assisted methods, to obtain new highly ordered CNTs/composites.