Dominique Piche

Dominique Piche

DPhil candidate

Short biography

I undertook my Masters at the University of Cambridge in Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology. This research involved synthesizing nanoparticles and modifying the surface to accommodate a lipid antigen. The lipid-antigen particles were then incorporated into an ELISA assay to detect antibodies for application in point-of-care biosensors. In 2014 I also co-founded a company, UPROSA, where we create tech accessories from scientific images. This hopes to bring the beauty of scientific research into the consumer market and provide extra funds for PhD students along the way.

Research summary

My DPhil project is on the tailored synthesis of ultra-small nanoparticles (USNPs) via wet chemical techniques. Nanoparticles within the ultra-small size range (1-10 nm) exhibit unusual properties in comparison to their bulk counterparts. As such they are promising candidates for a range of applications including drug delivery, biosensing, and energy storage. In order for their nano-scale properties to be utilised, synthesis methods which enable fine control over size and composition are required. My research aims to address this challenge by identifying a wet chemical technique that allows for tailored synthesis of USNPs with the potential for large-scale production, then exploring the applications of USNPs in biosensors.