Lavina Snoek

Dr Lavina Snoek

ERC PoC Postdoctoral Research Fellow

PhD FOM-Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics
MPhys University of Amsterdam

Short biography

I studied physics and astronomy at the University of Amsterdam, and worked for my Doctoral Thesis (similar to a 1-year M.Phys project) in the Atomic Physics group at the Zeeman Laboratory in Amsterdam. Subsequently, I spent one year at the Astronomical Institute, studying the time-dependent variability of O-star stellar winds, and went to the Calar Alto Observatory (Spain) for an observational campaign. I started a PhD in experimental physics in the research team of Prof. Wim van der Zande at the FOM-Institute for Atomic and Molecular Physics in Amsterdam (title: A study of Intramolecular Dynamics using Time-resolved Spectroscopy and Electron-Ion Coincidence Techniques). Here I used picoseconds laser systems to study wave-packet dynamics and I built a PEPICO spectrometer to measure the total energy distribution of photo-dissociation processes in molecules. I came to Oxford as a postdoctoral researcher to study the conformational landscapes of small biological molecules using UV and IR laser spectroscopy and mass-spectrometric techniques. From 1999-2001 I was a Dutch Ramsay Fellow, and from 2002-2012 I have been funded through a Royal Society University Research Fellowship. I also have two small children, and find it fascinating and inspiring to see them explore the world around them.

Research Summary

I work on the design of a high-temperature gas probe and transfer line, for the in-situ analysis of nanomaterials manufacturing, to enable sample quality monitoring and to assist future production up-scaling. The probe will extract hot, reactive gases from the reactor inside the furnace during the AA-CVD process, so that the composition of the gases (precursor, catalyst) can be analysed in a Perkin Elmer GC-MS. This research is part of the ERC PoC DEVICE project, in collaboration with ISIS Innovation.