Jingyu Sun

Jingyu Sun

D.Phil Student

BSc (Zhejiang University, China)


Metal nanoparticle design for carbon nanotube growth

This project involves the use of tailored nanometre sized metal catalyst particles for the controlled growth of carbon nanotubes (CNTs). Chemical vapour deposition of hydrocarbons in conjunction with metal catalyst particles is one of the most applied and versatile techniques to synthesise carbon nanotubes. The structure of CNTs and hence their properties can be controlled by changing the size and shape of the metal catalyst particles. In this project metal nanoparticles will be grown on oxide supports and scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM) will be used to characterise them. These particles will then act as catalysts for the growth of CNTs which will be investigated with state-of-the-art electron microscopy and spectroscopy techniques.

Past times

I love playing table tennis. I am the Men's Captain of Oxford University Table Tennis Team and also the top player in Oxford.