Nanomaterials by Design

Dominique Piché

Graduate reading for DPhil Materials
Hertford College
University of Oxford

Short Biography

I undertook my Bachelor’s degree in Forensic Science at the University of Derby where I became interested in the theme of ‘detection’ and using nanomaterials for sensing applications. I then completed a Masters by research at the University of Cambridge in Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology focusing on development of a nanoparticle-based diagnostic biosensor. Inspired by microscopy images I was encountering in research, I co-founded a company, UPROSA®, just prior to starting my current DPhil research, creating tech and fashion accessories from scientific images. Outside of the lab/office, I like to spend my time playing music, either in a dark electro pop band (called Endohedral Starfish™) or producing amateur rap, synth and ukulele tunes.

Research Summary

My DPhil project is on the tailored synthesis of ultra-small (sub 3 nm) nanoparticles for target applications. Nanoparticles within the ultra-small size range exhibit unusual properties in comparison to their bulk counterparts. Iron oxide and cobalt ferrite in particular are paramagnetic at the ultra-small scale, which has proved highly useful for manipulating biological samples in vivo. However due to their small size, their controlled synthesis remains a challenge, and there are many unknowns surrounding their toxicity and cellular interaction. My research aims to address this challenge by identifying a wet chemical technique that allows for their tailored synthesis, functionalising the surface chemistry to render them soluble in water, and then exploring their toxicity and application as MRI contrast agents.


Targeted T1 Magnetic Resonance Imaging Contrast Enhancement with Extraordinarily Small CoFe2O4 Nanoparticles

D Piché, I.Tavernaro, J. Fleddermann, J. G. Lozano, A. Varambhia, M. L. Maguire, M. Koch, T. Ukai, A. J. H. Rodríguez,L. Jones, F.Dillon, I. R. Molina, M. Mitzutani, E. R. G. Dalmau, T. Maekawa, P. D. Nellist, A. Kraegeloh, N. Grobert
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 2019, 11, 7, 6724-6740

High-Frequency Supercapacitors Based on Doped Carbon Nanostructures

Z J Han, C Huang, S S Meysami, D Piché, D H Seo, S Pineda, A T Murdock, P S Bruce, P S Grant, N Grobert
In Carbon, 2018, 126, 305-312


Nanomaterials by Design is based at the Department of Materials at the Begbroke Science Park.

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