Nanomaterials by Design

Koen Evers

Graduate reading for DPhil Materials
Mansfield College
University of Oxford

Short Biography

After my BSc in physics at the University Of Groningen (RUG), I followed the Top Master Programme in Nanoscience in the Zernike Institute for Advanced materials (ZIAM). During this programme I worked on a collaborative project between the Materials Science group and the Molecular Microscopy group, where I created ion beam etched, super resolution resolved nanostructures. Since September 2015 I am a DPhil student in the Nanomaterials by design group funded through ERDC and EPSRC studentships.

Research Summary

My project is part of a larger research activity between Oxford, Imperial College, Queen Mary, and the ERDC and will produce and characterize novel inorganic composites using various types of in-house generated CNTs and graphene to move further towards materials with genuinely outstanding properties. As a working target I freeze-cast lamellar alumina foams which resemble the nacre microstructure we observe in nature. These ceramic foams are then infiltrated with carbon nanotubes to enhance mechanical properties; resulting in a tough anisotropic composite material.


MWCNT-coated alumina micro-platelets for nacre-like biomimetic composites

K. Evers, H. Porwal, R. I. Todd, N. Grobert
Carbon, 2019, 145, 586-595

Selective functionalization of patterned glass surfaces

E. Ploetz, B.Visser, W. Slingenbergh, K. Evers, D. Martinez-Martinez, Y. T. Pei, B. L. Feringa, J. Th. M. De Hosson, T. Cordes, W. F. van Dorp
J. Mater. Chem. B, 2014, 2, 2606.


Nanomaterials by Design is based at the Department of Materials at the Begbroke Science Park.

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