Nanomaterials by Design

Ruth Sang Jones

Graduate reading for DPhil Materials
St Catherine's College
University of Oxford

Short Biography

Hello! In 2012, I started my undergraduate degree at the University of Leicester, where I studied Natural Sciences. In my 4th year, I undertook a research project on the synthesis of iron nanoparticles via a novel method known as spark erosion. Following my MSci, I decided to continue in the field of nanoscience, thus leading me to the Nanomaterials by Design group at Oxford where I’m now undertaking my DPhil.

Research Summary

My Research is focused on the synthesis of Boron Nitride 1D nanomaterials, primarily via the Catalytic Chemical Vapour Deposition method. I am looking into optimization of growth parameters of a customized system in order to control the yield and morphology of BN nanotubes. Whilst other BN synthesis routes involve separate B and N precursors, I’m interested in the suitability of single-source BN precursors that may be beneficial for desired stoichiometry and may also facilitate reduction of synthesis temperatures. Besides preparation of BN nanotube thin films, an end goal is to address the issue of scaling up production to realize the application potential.


Nanomaterials by Design is based at the Department of Materials at the Begbroke Science Park.

Begbroke Science Park

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